The Kintsugi

Love Story

Marriage is the Unfinished Business of Childhood


This 3-day intensive workshop is designed to go deep into the subconscious patterns of your behaviors, understanding them through a lens of compassion and learning how to heal them with love and acceptance.


Are you overwhelmed by life and/or your relationship?

Are you easily triggered and reactive?

Are you showing up differently then you desire?

Are you struggling with accepting parts of yourself?

Are you struggling with accepting parts of your partner?

Are you tired of living a life that feels unfulfilled and draining?

Are you ready for more out of your life and relationship?


A deeper sense of awareness of yourself and your partner

A more connected, intimate and safer reality

Greater compassion for yourself and others

Accepting all your parts and meeting them with compassion and understanding

Learn tools to help regulate and co-regulate your emotions

Living more aligned with your desired self

Breaking free from the old beliefs and trauma patterns that were subconsciously controlling your life.

Loving yourself and your partner from a deeply connected place


A deeper sense of awareness of yourself and your partner

A more connected, intimate and safer reality

Greater compassion for yourself and others

Accepting all your parts and meeting them with compassion and understanding

Learn tools to help regulate and co-regulate your emotions

Living more aligned with your desired self

Breaking free from the old beliefs and trauma patterns that were subconsciously controlling your life.

Loving yourself and your partner from a deeply connected place


the Educational Parts

This part will cover what you need to know about relationship safety, roles, challenges, boundaries and safe communication styles.  This part of the workshop will gift you with a lot of educational and insightful information that will empower your own abilities to create the changes you desire.

the Clarifying Parts

This part consists of a deep dive into “your story”, your background, childhood and all the conditioning that brought you to this time and place. You will discover parts you might be aware of as well as parts your subconscious mind buried deeply to help you survive. Uncovering these parts of yourself will help you unveil your true self and open up the energy of connection to self and others. 

the Experiential Parts

With guidance, love and safety you will be lead through varies different experiential practices that will allow you to reconnect to your lost parts and reclaim them. You will also experience deep connective exercises and experiences with yourself and your partner that will create a new and deeper foundation for your relationship.

Ongoing Support

You will receive a toolbox filled with exercises, empowerment and continued healing strategies to take home and create permanent changes in your life and relationship.  The tools will take time to integrate and become a part of you, but once they are you will forever cherish them and live a new reality!

This workshop can be participated alone as a part of a continued container of three months healing integration support with Pearl Flax.  Details will be discussed during your intake review and admission process.


Why This Workshop Works

This workshop incorporates three fundamental approaches to healing. The body, mind and heart! In order for our brains to physically rewire and create new neuro pathways, we need a top down as well as a bottom-up approach. That is why we designed the program with a wide range of effective and proven healing strategies.

why Immersion

When we prioritize our personal growth and healing in an immersive experience, the results can be profound and lifechanging. By focusing and investing 3 full days into your marriage your progress can build uninterrupted and will be compounded.  Participants and therapists alike, believe the workshop delivers the equivalent of a year of psychotherapy.

Group Vs. VIP

Some people feel overwhelmed by the idea of opening themselves up to group work. However, being witnessed in a group setting with compassion, resonance and safety can be incredibly healing and validating. We also gain a tremendous amount by observing and supporting the work of other couples. Most people have attested that group work has changed their healing journey in a magical way.


This is a private intensive couple’s workshop, that is designed to go deep, and heal your connection, intimacy and life.


Step one: Please fill out the following application form

Step two: We will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible. If you have been approved for the workshop you will receive a registration application form with further details.

Note: This workshop is a private intensive for the couple that is READY to invest in their relationship, connection and life. We want the intimacy and privacy of your relationship to remain sacred. What you will learn, experience, and integrate, will not only transform your marriage, but transform all relationships and connections in your life. It will completely change life as you knew it till now. 

What is included: Beautiful Lodging accommodations in a private house, breakfast & lunch & dinner is included. Dinner will be an intimate date at any local restaurant of your choice that we will reserve for you. You will also be getting a couples massage at the end of any day you choose to allow your body to relax and connect with yourself.  The workshop consists of three full days of immersive therapeutic integration work. You will get a complete welcome package upon arrival.

Dietary restrictions: Once you are approved for the workshop you will be receiving a menu selection for breakfast and lunch to fill out. If you have any special dietary needs please fill it out clearly. 

A $500 nonrefundable deposit is required at time of registration. The balance is due one (1) week prior to the workshop. 

If you have been referred by another professional, we would appreciate the opportunity to speak with them prior to your registration for the workshop so that we may make sure that this is the right opportunity at this time for you and your partner.

Once registered, you will have access to an information packet that explains your next steps, what you can expect at the workshop and answer any questions you may have.

Date: The date of your workshop will be set up once you fill out the required application form and are approved. We will schedule a date that works for both of you and accommodates your life style and personal needs. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for the couple who is ready to take a deep dive into their story. You might be at wits end or confused about how you feel, or you might want to deepen your connection. The key is that you are committed and ready to do the work.

What if we are unsure if we are ready for the workshop?

There is an application form that is mandatory to be filled out. Once you fill out the form you will get an email to set up a clarity call that will help you make the right decision at this time. You will find the application form in the section above (how to register).

What modalities are included in the workshop?

  • A brain-based approach, education to help you understand human nature and conditioning from a much deeper perspective.
  • A somatic approach, to help embody the safety and language of your inborn knowing. We combine Somatic Experiences as well as Somatic Touch.
  • A variety of breathwork modalities that will help open up your blockages and slowly with safety help you integrate your suppressed traumas and unconscious programming.
  • Two beautiful relationship models to help create safety, trust and connection in your marriage.

Why is the workshop called Kintsugi?

The story behind the inspiration of the name will be shared at the workshop, since it is deeply personal.

Kintsugi is a Japanese art concept in which a broken bowl is filled and fixed with a material that is gold filled glue. Repairing a broken plate or bowl with golden filling makes the piece more beautiful and is a way of showing that the piece has a valuable history.

The same also happens with our hearts. When hurt, our hearts get broken and fragmented into pieces representing our emotional wounds.  The intention of this workshop is to reclaim our broken parts and re-build a beautiful vessel taking our pain and transforming it into a new yet more beautiful reality you ever thought possible.  

What can we expect as a result of this workshop:?

  • You will have a very clear understanding of your own subconscious patterns as well as your own story.
  • You will have a very clear understanding of your partners subconscious patterns as well as his story.
  • You will learn powerful communication tools that will change the way you interact and feel towards one another.
  • You will learn self-regulation techniques that will help you show up as your best self.
  • You will go home inspired and filled with hope for what’s to come. 

Disclosure: that being said understand that you will come face to face with deep subconscious wounds and that it will take time to process and integrate once you leave the workshop.

Is it possible to go home after each day during the workshop?

We strongly advise you not to. The immersion happens when we disconnect from all other responsibilities and dedicate our full attention to the commitment of the work. Your marriage deserves three full days away from everything!

What happens after the workshop?

We offer the following options:

  • If you are an existing client with Pearl, you will have a post-workshop session to discuss your go forward treatment approach.
  • If you are interested in 1:1 sessions with Pearl, we will add you to her waitlist and discuss with you what the current options are. If waiting is not an option Pearl will find a suitable professional to help you on your continued healing and light journey.
  • If you are interested in joining a continued check-in integration group you will have the opportunity to do so after the workshop with your group. 

If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to or

I have traveled a long personal journey; it was certainly not the smoothest sailing by far. Yet in-spite of all the storms I encountered the greatest part of the journey happened when I was brave enough to face all of my subconscious beliefs and challenge myself beyond my programming, beyond my traumas, beyond my fears. It’s what brought this program and workshop to life.

It is my dream,

my passion,

and mission

to gift this freedom, joy and love onto others.