Hey You,

I’m so honored that you would want to work with me 1:1.

My mission is to empower and educate individuals and couples in healing from childhood attachment wounds through specialized attachment trauma therapy.

With a deep therapeutic understanding that includes the mind body and soul connection, I provide a compassionate loving space for your unique background, identity, and stories.

At this time my 1:1 roster is full, and have an option for waitlist applications.

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Alternative ways to work with me:

Group Work

Group-work opportunities are open to soul sisters seeking profound healing and meaningful connections. In community, powerful healing unfolds as we embrace our mess, fears, shame, and vulnerability. We realize that others share our insecurities, offering solace and the understanding that we are not broken, but interconnected.

Through compassionate witnessing, we embark on a profound journey of healing, becoming an ocean of support.

Group-work is also available for couples who are ready to embark on deep soul transformations, by sharing and witnessing we open ourselves to deep levels of awareness, wisdom and vulnerability.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean”.

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Intensive 1:1 Immersions

During our one-day intensive immersion experience, exclusively tailored for couples, we embark on a transformative and solution-focused coaching experience. The container will last between 4-6 hours, depending on your needs, which will be communicated prior to your intensive. This dedicated time together will combine somatic,  cognitive and holistic approaches to help manifest your desired pre-discussed goals.

The condensed timeframe allows us to build and maintain momentum, enabling us to reach profound depths in your relationship.

My prayer and intention are that by the end of the intensive, you and your partner will gain clarity, resolutions, and solutions specific to your unique situation. You will leave with a clear path forward, equipped with the tools and guidance to create the outcomes you desire for your relationship’s growth and harmony.

One-day intensives for couples are available three times a month, exclusively on Thursdays.

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The Retreat

It is my belief that “marriage is the unfinished business of childhood” which lead me to create a deep transformational healing approach I called the Kintsugi Love story. My mission is to empower couples to embrace their unique journey and find beauty in the broken pieces of their relationship. Inspired by the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, we believe that relationships can be strengthened and transformed through embracing the scars and challenges they have endured.

My passion lies in guiding couples towards self-discovery and growth, helping them navigate the complexities of their past and present. By integrating body, mind, and heart healing techniques, we provide a holistic approach to relationship transformation. Couples embark on a profound exploration of deep connection, creating a safe space to heal childhood wounds and foster a stronger foundation.

The Kintsugi

Love Story


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