Set yourself free and embrace who YOU are…exactly as you are, and at a special, VIP value!

I feel you.


I know what it’s like to feel broken, defeated, hopeless, worthless and simply afraid of yourself and your future.


Are you feeling anxious, depressed, worthless thinking you are totally unworthy of love?


Are thoughts like: “ I don’t deserve anything better”, running through your mind?


Are you overwhelmed by your broken self-image, and feel like you will never be able to pick up the pieces again?


Do you feel like you have no idea how to handle your emotions and your life?

I was very close to giving up myself.

I wanted to badly feel whole and accepted, just like anyone else or maybe even more, but I couldn’t find a way to make it happen for myself

I was exactly where you are right now. I felt alone, hopeless, sad and completely broken.


I wanted love, acceptance, validation, and happiness just like everyone else, but I felt like I didn’t deserve anything good to ever happen to me. I felt like I wasn’t lovable and worthy of real acceptance and love.


It wasn’t until I learned how to identify the source of my broken self-esteem and master every part of the healing process…. from taming my inner killer critic (the voices in our heads that tell us we aren’t worthy), to actually deflating it down to a lifeless balloon that everything changed!


Fortunately, I had the wisdom to seek guidance and healing. 

I had made a promise to myself that I would NEVER GIVE UP and do WHATEVER it takes to create a happy and successful world for me and my daughter.

And guess what? I finally set myself free!

I learned how to accept myself for who I am, embrace every part of my being and love myself with all my imperfections.


I became so confident in myself that the opinions or voices of others stopped having an impact on me.

Conquering my inner self critic allowed me to set myself free, attract positivity into my life, and unleash my creativity and potential.


Today, I am re-married to an amazing wonderful man who adores me and loves me just the way I am, with all my imperfections and craziness.


My dream of being able to finally set myself free, live fully and passionately finally became a reality, and I want to help you do the same.

Because YOU CAN!

Are you ready to change your life and unleash your self-esteem?

Feel your heart melt when you can finally look at yourself in the mirror and actually like the reflection you see.

Are you ready to learn about yourself and gain awareness into who you are? This process will empower you and give you the tools and skills you need to create a better life for yourself.

Get ready to experience the life you dream of!

Here we go…

Four weeks to step into your power & unleash your Self Esteem!

I’m ready to Unleash my Self Esteem!

*Unlimited text support is offered Monday – Friday 10am EST – 5pm EST

I have designed this four week course to help you unleash your self-esteem as fast as possible. 

You will embark on a new journey that will walk you down a path of self-awareness, insight, and transformation.

It will be the beginning of many great shifts in your life.


In this course you will learn everything you need to:


  • Recognize the source behind your inner programming 

  • Confront your inner killer critic 

  • Re-program your inner voices

  • Change your self-worth

  • Feel victories 

  • Appreciate yourself and your life

“I never imagined that being coached could be so helpful in such an immediate and practical way. Pearl is fully focused as the listens and has the ability to see the running theme to its absolute core, in the challenges I face day to day.

Pearl teaches me how to teach myself which is a skill I benefit from every waking hour.  If you are 100% committed to yourself and to Pearl’s coaching, you will see immediate success that will continue to build on itself. Pearl has changed the quality of my life for the better and I am forever grateful to her. Her work is seriously amazing, practical and powerful”

Sarah A. – Far Rockaway.

Post Divorce Client

“I knew I was not strong enough to get through my divorce without some help, I looked online for a divorce counselor and found Pearl.  I got so lucky finding Pearl.  She has not only helped me through the divorce but more importantly, she has helped me figure out why I got myself into a bad marriage in the first place. She is an amazing, knowledgeable divorce counselor and also an incomparable life coach and therapist.

From the very first session, Pearl made me feel stronger and more in control of my situation.  She focused on moving me into a position of mental strength. She has a great instinct to help solve issues step by step. Pearl is probably the best listener I have ever encountered in my life. She helps me understand myself and to figure out how to heal myself and to then move to a better place.  Through Pearl’s work, I have become more clear, capable and empowered.

I tell everyone I know to call her!!  I don’t know how I would have gotten through this incredibly trying time without her.”

Vivi. P – Long Island

Divorce Process

“I would like to thank Pearl for opening my eyes too see things in a different way. To look at myself at how I can look and understand people for who they are and why they do things. Her experience and knowledge has enriched my life and I think she is a great coach that can help improve anyone’s life !!!!”

Rebecca – Brooklyn

Post Divorce Client

“Just when I thought I couldn’t see any light at the end of this dark tunnel of divorce I met Pearl, she saved me and encouraged me to stay strong and stood by my side checking in on a daily basis!

All her work is done from experience and the goodness of her heart.

I felt like I was talking to a best friend through every session. I’m so grateful to have had Pearl Flax guide me through this lonnngggg and difficult journey!!

Would definitely recommend her!!”

Anna F. – Brooklyn

Divorce Process

“The course Unleash your self-esteem was an extraordinary course. Pearl’s vast knowledge of various healing modalities was instrumental in me breaking through levels of healing that I had been unable to achieve for quite some time. Many of the exercises provided were simple to implement yet provided incredible benefits. The course was very comprehensive yet delivered much value in a short period of time.

I especially appreciated the combination of weekly online course that gave us the opportunity for Q and A and the private Facebook group which kept us all engaged throughout the course. I highly recommend this course to anyone that is looking to develop their self-esteem wherever you are in the healing process.”

Beatrice B.

“Pearl truly cares about you as a person and your development.  This course is filled with love and so much support!  Her passion shines through and I learned so much about myself as a result of all the love and energy that she put into this course.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Definitely sign up and certainly sign up to work with her personally if she’s still taking private clients!” 

Emyrald S. – Colorado


identifying the source – the first step to fighting low self-esteem

  • Identifying the source of your broken self-esteem (so you can remove it from your body and mind)

  • Document your victories to help rebuild your inner child

  • Taming your inner critic (so she no longer has control of your thoughts)

  • Learn how to face hard painful questions to help you get clarity and start the process of healing 


breaking the chains of low self-esteem

  •  Learn how our brains are programmed and how we process this information so that you can learn to process information differently and build your self-esteem back up
  • Work through active exercises to help you start the battle against your killer critic
  • Get ready for some serious emotions to come to surface and learn powerful tools to process them safe



retrain your brain

  •  Re-train your brain and create new neuron pathways so that your new high-self esteem sticks around
  • Create your own victory cards and learn how important they are to your success

  • Rewire your inner beliefs to those that support you

  • Learn what the risk factors are that empower your killer critic



find your inner peace and love

  • How to find a place of peace within yourself

  • The mature vs the immature mind and which one you need to be in

  • Challenge your toxic beliefs and set yourself free to spread your wings and reach your potential

  • Build yourself back up through kindness and embark on the journey of self-love!


I’m ready to Unleash my Self Esteem!

The VALUE of what you receive is PRICELESS but let me break it down for you:  









I joined the ride of“unleash your self esteem” course over a month ago and boy has it been a ride! I learned so much and have grown and stretched in so many ways. I am not the same person I was when I started the course. Right before the first class started I had major anxiety about taking the course.  I was unsure if I had the strength to deal with the tough stuff, work hard at my self-esteem and come to self-love.  Pearl held my hand through the course.  I had to dig deep and fight my inner critic.  The effects of recognizing the inner killer critic (KC) voice and learning to fight and get the upper hand has been exhilarating.  I struggled so hard being able to celebrate the many victories I do daily but I busted that and I marvel and revel at all the amazing things I do, and the amazing person I am.  Some exercises were fun, some easy, some painful, some excruciating and some I have yet to complete and master.  I was able to rewrite some of my past to try reprogram messages I heard to ones that I need to hear.  I read this list often and recorded it, and listen to it whenever.  I also have reconnected deeply with music that I had left for many years.  I also noticed changes in my parenting, by trying to provide my children with messages that I wish that I had received as a child. I have connected with some amazing people in the group who are going on this journey too.  We cheered each other on and marveled at each other’s victories.  It’s also nice to know I am not alone on this journey of learning self-love. Pearl has gone above and beyond to guide us, support us and join us for the ride. The most profound exercise I did was writing a letter from G-d to me.  I read it often to myself, especially on challenging days.  It has fostered a gentle loving connection and conversation between G-d and me, and gentle loving talk towards myself. Although the ride wasn’t easy, I’m glad I never chickened out because my life is so much richer.  My relationship with myself is so much kinder and loving.   As much work as I have done I do realize that I am a work in progress and look forward to more positive changes that I will let into my life.   Devorah B.


Standing tall in your power –  trusting yourself and your inner guidance.


Knowing without a doubt who you are, what your potential is, and discovering your self-worth.


Feeling confident and good about yourself and your choices.


Setting yourself free and for the first time in your life truly loving yourself.


These feelings can (and will) become real, because that is the exact type of person you will become after only four weeks!


  • A female, broken and confused from an unhealthy relationship…

  • Looking to have deeply powerful conversations with your head and your heart,

  • Willing to dig deep into what you are made of and working on releasing your past so you can step into your own power and finally embrace yourself,

  • Willing to let go of your false beliefs and discover who you really are,

  • So ready to finally unleash your inner power,

  • And ready to let go of your old broken self and claim your worth as a powerful, feminine, and unstoppable woman…

Then I invite you to join me!


Are you ready to stand for your own empowerment, heal yourself, rediscover and empower yourself, and commit to doing the work that will give you all the happiness in the world?


It is time for you to claim your worth and put an end to feelings of worthlessness that are holding you back to live your life fully. That means believing in yourself and recognizing your divine power.  You deserve to have everything your heart desires.


It’s time to Unleash your Self-Esteem!

The unleash your self-esteem class is a four week program of live videos and weekly written exercises that are designed to deeply explore the things that have blocked our self-esteem and held us down since childhood and also give us a clear path out of the circle of low self-esteem thinking. 

  Pearl gives not only great live video meetings, but also an array of exercises and homework that go along with the weekly live classes. The work is intense and takes some time to do but it is really valuable and helped me a lot. Pearl Flax is one of few people in the world who not only deeply cares about her clients but offers concrete and effective solutions to really change your life. Her online course is a multifaceted approach to conquering low self esteem issues. The exercises are fun and enlightening. The weekly meetings are great. Pearl composed an amazing class that, in 4 weeks, transforms the way you see yourself and how you deal with overcoming low self esteem.    Every woman should take this course.  Vivi P

I’m ready to Unleash my Self Esteem!


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