My daughter turned 21 this week!!! TWENTY ONE!!! How CRAZY!

It is hard to believe how fast time flies. Where did all those years go? I am stunned at how fast time flies and feel overwhelmed by not being able to figure out how that even happened.

She is also married for ten months and madly in love with her prince charming. My amazing wonderful son in law.

Yet I sit here puzzled and confused for it makes no sense to me.

It was just yesterday that my world was filled with most magical gift of all, when God blessed and granted me the most precious little heavenly angel.

I remember hearing her first cries in the delivery room, the emotions I felt are inexplicably. I cried tears of joy and was overcome by incredibly strong feelings of love. I never thought it’s possible to love someone this deeply and fully.

It is hard to explain how it feels to hold your own child for the first time in your hands. She was perfect, very small, fragile and so vulnerable. I knew I had a mission and a very important one. My life would now be all about her, her physical emotional and mental well being. It would revolve around seeing her grow and reach every milestone with pride. It would be about creating a world filled with happiness and safety.

When I close my eyes I can vividly see what she looked like, feel her little fingers grasp around mine like saying:” I need you mommy”.

I can feel her little toddler hands around my neck, holding tight, saying: “Mommy I love you”.

She gave me the “MOM” title, and ever since that day my whole world changed.

From the very first moment she came into my life the word “LOVE” took on a whole new meaning.

It isn’t a love you experience with anyone else, it is one that is locked in a special safe and sacred space called “Mom & daughter love”, that comes to life the moment you hold that precious little angel in your arms for the first time.

It is a love that is eternal, that no one can take away from you.

It is a love that surpasses logic, that overcomes all obstacles and challenges.

It is the one love that you cherish with you forever and changes your reality.

As she grew older she amazed me with her lively personality and vibrant attitude to life. She was courageous, fearless and fierce. Nothing stopped her from going after what she believed. Nothing stopped her from standing up for truth. Nothing changed her values and principles of honesty, integrity and love.

She is a light that lights up not just my world, but the world of everyone she comes into contact with.

After my divorce, I always worried about her, worried that she shouldn’t get hurt like I did. Prayed that no man ever break her heart. AND trust me I prayed HARD!

My biggest fear was to see her getting hurt. I had sleepless nights when she started dating, worrying that she may make the same mistakes I did and be blindsided. I always had a silent prayer on my lips, hoping and begging God to guide her and give her the clarity and insight to make the right choices.

God answered my prayers, he sent her the most amazing incredible lover and life partner one could dream of. They are like two teas in a pod. They are one soul! Never saw anything like that, and as I write these words I smile and tears of joy are welling up into my eyes. I smile at the miracle and blessing God granted her and me.

He is an outstanding young man, who loves her to no end, who protects her, who takes care of her in every way possible, who respects her to no end, cherishes her, admires her and just simply adores her. He is a God sent. I don’t doubt it for a minute.

This week as we celebrate her birthday, my heart is overflowing with gratitude for the incredible blessings God has given me. To watch my daughter evolve into this young beautiful courageous loving woman, to see her being loved and happy, to see her shine her light into the world. What more could I possibly ask for?

Thank you God for letting something this amazing evolve from one of the most painful events in my life – my divorce.

Little did I know how much joy and happiness this pain will shine into my life.



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