Do the names Tony Robbins, Rachel Hollis, Mel Robbin’s ring a bell?  This day in age, I’m confident you do! Why? Because these are some of the top influencers of mindset.  If you’re not sure exactly what I’m referring to when I mention “mindset,” let me break it down for you. describes it in it’s most simple form as being:

  1. an attitude, disposition, or mood.
  2. an intention or inclination.

This definition alone is a far cry of what mindset means when preached by the “experts” (listed above).  When they talk about and teach mindset, they are referring to having an open mindset. In reality, we all have our own mindset, but how strong our mindset is, is what can make a huge difference in our quality of life.  

Some of you might have resolutions this upcoming year to: Be a better boss, parent, spouse, friend . . . the list goes on, but try taking that resolution and working backward.  In order to do any of those things, your mindset is likely required to change a bit. Doing things the same exact way, but wanting other things ends up leaving you disappointed. Why?  Because wanting other outcomes, but using similar actions and the same mindset doesn’t end up changing an outcome at all. The same mindset equals same actions, equals the same outcome. It’s simple math, but also a challenging task.  I’m not at all saying that changing your mindset is easy. If you know my background, you know that I too have struggled with this same. I’m convinced everyone has this kind of struggle at some point, so know that you’re not alone.  

So, what do you do about it?  Make your resolution. Write it down. . . on your planner, on sticky notes, in a journal… .everywhere!  Constantly remind yourself of your “vision.” Believe that you have already accomplished that and play the part.  You know the saying “fake it until you make it”? It’s not a popular quote for no reason, it’s the truth! It’s not just about mind over matter.  It’s about embracing change and having true faith and understanding that everything really does happen for a reason.

So, what’s the number one way to keep your new years resolution?  Practice makes perfect! Just like a diet, if creating a more open mindset is your path, take baby steps every day to make choices that will eventually become your “norm.”

For example, your ex says something nasty to you that really ticks you off.  Your instinct might be to let them have it right back. Instead, try reacting in a way that is more calm and direct, rather than harsh or just as mean as what they might be saying.  This does not make you a pushover! This makes you the bigger person and the one that’s really in charge? Why, because you’re actually the one that has the most control. Let them be the one that acts out and says mean things, then put an end to it by not going back and forth.  

Another person’s perception of you is just that, a perception.  Mindset is all about being confident in yourself and who you are while embracing the chaos that might come your way at times.  I promise you, that the first time you try to react differently to something then you did before, you will feel better. Maybe not right away because you’re so used to the “old” way of reacting, but give it a few hours, or a few days, you will see the positive end result.  

Along with practicing a new mindset, let go of old resentments.  You have to free yourself before you can embrace yourself. By holding onto old animosities, you are limiting your mental expansion and growth.  As you release the tension, a definite weight will come off your heart, and mind, allowing room for more positivity to take up residence.

Whether you’re in a “dark place” right now, or feel like you’re on top of the world, take time to focus on your goals.  Mindset controls all things, and even if your goal isn’t really on “mindset,” I can assure you that mindset is the answer to the success of any goal you have.  Want to eat better? Change your mindset? Want to make more money this year? Change your mindset? Want to be a better parent? A better employee? A better friend?  . . . Changing your mindset is still the required path.

Soul Sister, you got this!!  Make 2019 the best yet!