Sarah A., Post Divorce Client

“I never imagined that being coached could be so helpful in such an immediate and practical way. Pearl is fully focused as the listens and has the ability to see the running theme to its absolute core, in the challenges I face day to day.

Pearl teaches me how to teach myself which is a skill I benefit from every waking hour.  If you are 100% committed to yourself and to Pearl’s coaching, you will see immediate success that will continue to build on itself. Pearl has changed the quality of my life for the better and I am forever grateful to her. Her work is seriously amazing, practical and powerful”

Rebecca W., Life Challenges

“I would like to thank Pearl for opening my eyes too see things in a different way.  To look at myself at how I can look and understand people for who they are and why they do things.  Her experience and knowledge have enriched my life and I think she is a great coach that can help improve anyone’s life !!!!”

Anna F., Divorce Client

“Just when I thought I couldn’t see any light at the end of this dark tunnel of divorce I met Pearl ,She saved me! encourage me to stay strong and stood by my side checking in on a daily basis! All her work is done from experience and the goodness of her heart. I felt like I was talking to a best friend through every session. I’m so grateful to have had Pearl Flax, guide me through this lonnngggg and difficult journey!! Would definitely recommend her!!”

Ace K., Life Challenges

“If I had to use one word to describe Pearl, it would be “dedication”. She has been absolutely incredible with helping me understand, control, and reduce my anxiety, and has made herself available to me even outside the scheduled sessions. She has pointed issues with decisions I was making, and helped me understand how to view life more positively and becoming more solution-oriented. Overall, I highly recommend her to anyone that needs a Life Coach…and even those that don’t know that they need it.”

Rebecca F., Marriage Issues – Contemplating Divorce

Over the past year Pearl has been coaching me through my difficult challenges . She has been remarkably supportive,  gentle and compassionate yet skillfully adept at helping me focus on what is really important to me, what stands in my way and what next steps I want and need to take to accomplish  my goals. She is incredibly patient, a great listener, never judges, provide actionable insight and most importantly she genuinely cares. I feel lucky to have her and would recommend her to anyone seeking support or growth!

Vivi, Divorce Process

“I knew I was not strong enough to get through my divorce without some help, I looked online for a divorce counselor and found Pearl.  I got so lucky finding Pearl.  She has not only helped me through the divorce but more importantly, she has helped me figure out why I got myself into a bad marriage in the first place.  She is an amazing, knowledgeable divorce counselor and also an incomparable life coach and therapist.

From the very first session, Pearl made me feel stronger and more in control of my situation.  She focused on moving me into a position of mental strength. She has a great instinct to help solve issues step by step.  Pearl is probably the best listener I have ever encountered in my life. She helps me understand myself and to figure out how to heal myself and to then move to a better place.  Through Pearl’s work, I have become more clear, capable and empowered.

I tell everyone I know to call her!!  I don’t know how I would have gotten through this incredibly trying time without her.”

Debbie Z., Remarried

“I remember years ago hearing from friends how therapy was a great way of teaching you coping skills and how great being in therapy was for them. My reaction to that was very very skeptical. I remember thinking why would I want to share my personal thoughts with a complete stranger who’s opinion of life means absolutely nothing at all to me . Unfortunately tragedy struck out of nowhere, when my late husband passed away leaving me confused, broken.  My marriage hadn’t been a happy one, yet not having gotten the proper help and guidance I never realized how dysfunctional it really was and how unhappy I had become. I was left seeing a reflection of my former self not knowing who I am and what I wanted out of life anymore. After my husbands passing I had at one point realized that I was in desperate  need of guidance and help with getting a grip on my life. Searching and finding the right person however seemed impossible and a bit of a revolving door, in one office and out another. This went on for years before I gave up realizing that finding that right person was like trying on shoes, they would have to fit and feel right, but that just wasn’t happening. Now it’s years later, I have turned a new page, and embarked on a new journey. I knew I cannot do this on my own so when someone dear and close to my heart recommended I talk to Pearl Flax Life coach if not one of the most amazing coaches, The most amazing!

I knew my first visit was not going to be my last and for the first time felt like the revolving door might stop.  She’s loving, caring and very involved. She calls to make sure I am OK and puts time into all my needs and challenges. She brings light and clarity to so many issues and has me handle my new relationship with a completely new perspective. Above all my approach to many different issues are now handled differently and I owe it all to her. I highly recommend Pearl flax to anyone of any age seeking guidance, answers , peace and clarity. I can honesty say I am blessed having her work with me and beside me every step of the way!”

Rivka W., Remarried

“I’m not a writer per se, and have never written a testimonial before, but I felt I really wanted to write one for Pearl as a way of expressing my gratitude. Sometimes in life you simply lose direction, you find your self in a position that you wouldn’t expect to be in your wildest dream, and that’s what happened to me, my blissful life with my husband, my happiness my security, my love my safety and trust , was all taken away from me, suddenly almost without warning, I went from being a happily married wife, to a woman facing an ugly divorce! I am a fighter I don’t just accept things when they happen, if I feel I can fix something I will go for it, in this case, it was simply over, the question wasn’t if we going to get divorced, it was how will we split our finances and how do we tell the children, until, the day, I asked pearl (I had heard she does couples counseling/coaching and I booked our first appointment. From the moment I walked into her cozy office, I felt I’m in a safe place! Pearl made both of us feel at ease and we both were eager to explain to her how the other party has wronged, she stopped us in our tracks and taught us a complete different way of communicating, of respect of acceptance of one another and last but not least, she explained us in depth the reasons we do certain things. Understanding is power and knowledge is priceless and that’s what we got from Pearl! Suddenly we started talking to each other in a different tone, what seemed so black and white, so right and wrong, suddenly turned colorful, I am not as right as I thought I was, he wasn’t as wrong ! It was eye-opening, and life changing, two people that couldn’t be in same room for more than a few minutes without conflict, were now getting along! Using the tools Pearl taught us, our future suddenly didn’t look so bleak, there was actual hope … the following few months were a roller coaster of ups and down, when we thought we got things under control, things got bad, again, but pearl was always a  text away, when she couldn’t immediately respond she would apologize profoundly, long phone calls, long messages and even longer voice notes, we’re always addressed and remarkably she never charged us for these! Pearl when she knew I’m going through an exceptional tough day or week, would always message and make sure I’m OK! And, then finally the fruit of her hard Labor, of her caring of her remarkable way of explaining things, her undeniable smartness, her words of wisdom, reached where it needed! I’m proud to say it’s been three months since our last session, we have utilized the tools she provided, and we have never been so happy! We fell in love with each other all over again, and when we slip back to our old ways, either me or my husband will use words like “step out of the sandbox” or other euphemism Pearl used to teach us, and apply it! And it WORKS! As I’m typing this, Im on a flight back home from our best two week vacation we have ever had! Pearl I will forever be grateful to you ! And your astonishing kindness does not go unnoticed!”

Brenda T., In a Struggling Marriage

“A divorce coach can be more essential than a lawyer or therapist, & Why Pearl is outstanding.
Up against the deadline determined by my psychological advisors, I did a review of the information I had gathered. What struck me was an online presentation of a divorce mediator who called himself a “divorce coach”. He made an amazing claim that rang true for me. This was that the divorce process was no more legally complex than that of buying a house. Yet, couples pour money and time into the legal routines of divorce as if it was a much more complicated matter.
He said what people really need are coaches, familiar with divorce, to walk through it with them. As a result, they could perform themselves, the relatively limited number of steps that are required for their personal circumstances. These parties need a coach to talk through choices and outcomes, and might require a fair amount of support to find what was really right for them (doing it at less
than a lawyer’s prohibitively high rate). I have learned that divorce mediators, or mediators in general, are about an ethic of coming up with your own solutions and maintaining the control of your own life.

Need for divorce coach
The first time I spoke to Pearl was for the 30 minute free introduction to her coaching therapy. At the time I was seeing an LCSW. I had a psychiatrist to prescribe medication for me. I needed advice about how to approach starting a divorce with a spouse who had always “played” me. For three months I gathered lots of information, talked to a few lawyers on the phone, and had two lengthy
meetings with another lawyer. The lawyers believed they knew just what was right for me. They all spoke of their doing things that I could do for myself, plus extra measures. Talking to them brought insight, but my self-concept could not allow that they take over, and do so with what I saw as
indefensible levels of expense. These lawyers insisted on the “one formula fits all” litigation process, with all its shock and insult to both parties, which inevitably drives costs up far higher.
My psychiatrist thought the divorce process might not be that painful for me, and shamed me for not doing it after looking into it for three months already. I had to explain that I did not intend to be “thrown against the wall” again. My LCSW therapist had pushed me hard into finding a lawyer, even though I had said several times that I wanted to learn about the law and process as much as I
could first, that maybe I just wanted to consult with a lawyer. I also said I was constantly coming upon information that changed everything. I told her I felt far less “armed” than I could be, or was comfortable with. She seemed unaffected by this. I went looking for a divorce coach online, and chose Pearl because she described herself as helping people through divorces, citing difficulties in her life and in her divorce that were similar to mine. The coaches from the organization she was a part of seemed to have lived through the experiences they were now helping with. That’s what I needed, someone who could have true empathy and understanding for my quandaries!
In the 30 minute trial, that I thought was just supposed to give me a look at her process, Pearl opened things up for me like I did not think was possible. She listened very hard to me and said it was better for people to make their own calls on their lives. I did not realize till after I was off the phone that she was telling me that my own assessments, timetables and decisions were the best way for me to operate. At that moment I realized how much I was fighting off the psychological and legal advisors I was speaking to, and how much I was not following my internal analysis and direction. I had some strong ideas that I wanted to follow very badly. I then picked up the next part
of my project of my divorce, instead of being in deadlock. For anyone, I believe one’s own analysis and decisions make up the golden road to a good life – a healed life – which is what divorce seeks to create. This is how Pearl has been a much better helper to me than my LCSW, my psychiatrist, my psychologists before them, as well as the lawyers I spoke to:
1. She helped me sort out my own thoughts, in sharp contrast to others on my team before, who were mostly giving me their solutions
to my problems.

2. She looked more closely at my behavior and personality than the others did – for feedback that I needed.

3. She asked many more questions about my recent past, and my childhood – for a beginning look at trauma.

4. She vigorously pinned down the nature of the interactions between myself and my husband – the basis of the changes I was going to act on. Hard to believe that she did all of this even in the trial session I had with her – but it is true.

I have worked with Pearl for 12 sessions so far, all productive for me. I was stuck on how to proceed with divorce for a while because I could not decide what strategy would bring the best financial outcome. Then Pearl gave me an amazing handout on filtering out your most closely held values from a long list. It was hard for me to decide on a financial strategy because I was prioritizing finances in my plans for divorce, while it was not among the top values I prioritized internally.

Pearl gave me a very simple breathing and meditation regimen that raises my mood and ability to see things clearly every time I use it.  have not had ongoing success with breathing or meditation before this. She also provided a consistently effective exercise to deal with my childhood trauma, giving me a way to get past what has been stubborn anger and avoidance. Pearl is not put-off from the different type of person I can be, or the non-standard things I sometimes want to do. She has helped me, and continues to help me, find myself and create the changes I am looking for. She is very warm and welcoming. Pearl is an analyst and a source of support, not a purveyor
of the prevailing advice. She is a coach, and extremely good at it.”

Tanya K., Looking to improve their marriage!

Working with Pearl Flax has been a true answer to our prayers. We were looking for a therapist/coach who was real and able to solve the problems we were having, and not just drag things along. What we love about her is her ability to get to the root of the problem quickly by picking up nuances in the words we were saying with amazing clarity! She’s a real life person who uses her life experiences to help others in similar situations. We never felt that she was siding with one person over the other, and treated us both fairly and equally! We highly recommend her!!!!!!!”

Jennifer L., Post Divorce Growth Seeking!

“Ever feel like you’re living in a state of chaos where everyone and everything is pulling you in a million directions? You feel tired, exhausted and unfulfilled. You start to question your purpose. The personal battle I was experiencing was taking over my life, affecting my decisions, crushing my mood and my confidence was shot. During this moment in time, I became obsessed looking for answers to fix myself. But how do you know what to fix? I was on an incessant search without answers.
My husband and I divorced 3 years ago, which most can imagine or know is the hardest decision you will ever make, especially when you have a 2-year old daughter in the mix. And that’s just logistics, the emotional damage that’s been generating over the years come to the surface and the shock of change becomes unnerving.
The first time I spoke to Pearl, we both teared up 20 minutes into our conversation. We quickly made a connection, the dialogue was effortless, her questions were spot on and she encouraged me to look within. Pearl has a natural ability to connect with people; a great listener, support system, and inspirational guide that will challenge you to think about how you work through your journey. Her approach was customized, offering a handful of tools, exercises and resources in every single session. I was taking notes like it was my last conversation every week. In less than 3 months, my entire mindset shifted. I understood fundamental behaviors I kept latching onto based on rooted issues I hadn’t dealt with. I moved from a feeling of worry and overwhelm to loving myself, expressing gratitude, and letting go.
The art of being present and intentional is very real. Letting go of expectations others project is hard, but liberating. I can breathe again. The space Pearl helped me create is allowing me to prioritize my personal needs which is simply stated, focusing on what I ‘want’. She guided me through understanding where my fears and anxieties come from and actively helped me shift my energy toward acknowledging victories and honoring myself. Pearl is an inspiration to many, and definitely for me.
Sending you all my love…