Social media has been a huge catalyst for change. Some of the changes have been very positive and life-changing, others have been devastating. As you scroll through social media, it’s easy to create perceptions about someone else’s life.  You know the person that shares everything, and takes a snapshot of themselves every single minute, or shares every “glamorous” waking moment of their lives and seems to have their life together? You follow and admire them. You assume they are confident, that they are happy and that they are much more amazing than you are. A part of you envies them and the little voice inside you starts asking why can’t I have that?

What happens from there can result in a snowball effect of self-doubt.  Without realizing it, you start to perceive their life, their beauty, their success, as so much better than yours.  If you have low self-esteem, this only feeds into that negative-self-talk even further! What you fail to realize, is that it’s way easier for people (even with the lowest of self-esteem) to highlight their most proud moments, while in reality, living a miserable, secret life that they hide from “social view.”

This isn’t true for everyone, as there are plenty of successful people out there that highlight a lot of the good, but those same people too, aren’t ashamed to air their most “real” dirty laundry out there, just as much as the good stuff.  Why? Because this resonates with others. Not only do people like to engage with those that are successful and that they admire, but they also like to relate to them. Relating means sharing the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

If you truly want to embrace your deepest self-love, it starts with self-esteem and confidence!  Taking a “selfie” doesn’t prove anything about your confidence. Being real and non-judgemental of yourself and being proud of yourself from the inside out is what matters!  Believe me, I’ve been in your shoes! I was exactly where you are right now. I felt alone, hopeless, sad and completely broken. I too wanted love, acceptance, validation, and happiness just like everyone else, but I felt like I didn’t deserve anything good to ever happen to me. I felt like I wasn’t lovable and worthy of real acceptance and love.

Then came a turning point in my life, where I was tired of being down on myself. I was fed up with how “I” perceived myself. I wanted a life filled with happiness but I knew that in order to attain that I had to look within. I knew happiness will only be found once I learned to love myself and fully embrace who I am.

I went on a journey of self-discovery. I searched for answers. I yearned for meaning. I dug deep. I went all the way back to my childhood, to what I learned, to what I internalized and believed and CHANGED it internally. I set myself free, and my life miraculously turned around.

Are you ready to change your life and unleash your self-esteem? If you want to turn your “selfies” into real self-love and learn to love yourself, I encourage you to work on your self-esteem!  You deserve to feel your heart melt when you can finally look at yourself in the mirror and actually like the reflection you see.

Girl, it’s not about the selfie, it’s about your self-esteem.

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