“I’m not a writer per se, and have never written a testimonial before, but I felt I really wanted to write one for Pearl as a way of expressing my gratitude. Sometimes in life you simply lose direction, you find your self in a position that you wouldn’t expect to be in your wildest dream, and that’s what happened to me, my blissful life with my husband, my happiness my security, my love my safety and trust , was all taken away from me, suddenly almost without warning, I went from being a happily married wife, to a woman facing an ugly divorce! I am a fighter I don’t just accept things when they happen, if I feel I can fix something I will go for it, in this case, it was simply over, the question wasn’t if we going to get divorced, it was how will we split our finances and how do we tell the children, until, the day, I asked pearl (I had heard she does couples counseling/coaching and I booked our first appointment. From the moment I walked into her cozy office, I felt I’m in a safe place! Pearl made both of us feel at ease and we both were eager to explain to her how the other party has wronged, she stopped us in our tracks and taught us a complete different way of communicating, of respect of acceptance of one another and last but not least, she explained us in depth the reasons we do certain things. Understanding is power and knowledge is priceless and that’s what we got from Pearl! Suddenly we started talking to each other in a different tone, what seemed so black and white, so right and wrong, suddenly turned colorful, I am not as right as I thought I was, he wasn’t as wrong ! It was eye-opening, and life changing, two people that couldn’t be in same room for more than a few minutes without conflict, were now getting along! Using the tools Pearl taught us, our future suddenly didn’t look so bleak, there was actual hope … the following few months were a roller coaster of ups and down, when we thought we got things under control, things got bad, again, but pearl was always a  text away, when she couldn’t immediately respond she would apologize profoundly, long phone calls, long messages and even longer voice notes, we’re always addressed and remarkably she never charged us for these! Pearl when she knew I’m going through an exceptional tough day or week, would always message and make sure I’m OK! And, then finally the fruit of her hard Labor, of her caring of her remarkable way of explaining things, her undeniable smartness, her words of wisdom, reached where it needed! I’m proud to say it’s been three months since our last session, we have utilized the tools she provided, and we have never been so happy! We fell in love with each other all over again, and when we slip back to our old ways, either me or my husband will use words like “step out of the sandbox” or other euphemism Pearl used to teach us, and apply it! And it WORKS! As I’m typing this, Im on a flight back home from our best two week vacation we have ever had! Pearl I will forever be grateful to you ! And your astonishing kindness does not go unnoticed!”

Rivka W.



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