Your Guide Divorce Coaching Package




$1800 for 12 session over 3 month for Guidance on Your Divorce Journey

The loss of a spouse because of a divorce is worst than death because your spouse is still around. You will still have to deal with him or her if you have to co parent. You will need to improve your communication skills and develop strategies to deal with your emotions if you want to move forward to find true love and happiness again. This 3-month package offers you the opportunity to deal with your emotions of shock, anger, resentment, acceptance and hope for the future. This package is a good starting point and you can upgrade at any time.

  • Help finding the right divorce lawyer
  • Dealing with your emotions
  • Breaking the news to your children, family and friends
  • Writing your story.
  • Preparing your Financial Statement
  • Creating a Budget
  • Co Parenting Plan
  • Discussion on settlement issues
  • Developing the skills to help you create your new life moving forward.
  • Goal-setting to help you reach that future
  • Creation of a road map with specific steps to achieve your goals
  • Weekly 60 minutes coaching sessions to support you through the process, which includes:
    • A private, nonjudgmental safe haven to discuss your reactions and feelings
    • Assistance managing the paperwork that divorce requires
    • Communications guidance with your spouse
    • Strategies to help you respond in the moment in a manner that preserves your dignity and integrity
    • Solutions to ease the impact of the divorce on your children
    • Help anticipating and preparing for each unexpected problem
    • This package includes 5 LAZER COACHING Sessions by phone lasting 5 minutes in between sessions to deal with issues as they arise
    • Unlimited email
    • Unlimited Text.

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