My Approach to Healing/Therapy

Womens Support GroupThe Core Values supporting my Mission:
SAFETY: Safety is the bedrock for which this work is done. I believe slower, smaller steps are always better. My aim is to stretch you, without stressing you. I go at your pace, always.
CHOICE: Agency and choice is foundational to any trauma informed work. You are the expert in your own life, it’s my job to support you in those choices.
CONTEXT: Much of my work will be supported by psychoeducation, giving you greater context into what’s happening inside of you, because of what happened to you.
COMPASSION: When we have the context that our emotions, thoughts & behaviors make complete sense, based on our need to self-protect, we’re able to replace our old shame-narratives, with compassion.
CONNECTION: Trauma often disconnects us from ourselves, others & the world. My job is to hold a regulated space for you to safely explore connection again.
SOLUTION-FOCUSED: I help you build up your strengths, new healthy beliefs, and positive coping strategies rather than just extinguishing “negative” behaviors and beliefs.
PRESENT & PAST ORIENTED: Our work will be a combination of safely unpacking the past while anchoring you in the present – to help you process and heal while integrating new ways of thinking and tools that will create equilibrium, expansion and resilience.
LOVE & ADMIRATION:  Every client I work with is a light I cherish and admire and am forever grateful for. My heart has so much love and admiration for every person that opens themselves up to do the most sacred and difficult work in our lives.  Healing!