Mindset is a combination of perspective, which leads to emotions and then to actions.  It is the way you “think,” and thus make decisions through life and just in your day-to-day.  So how do you know you have the right mindset?  Start off with the prompts I’ve provided below and write a prompt for ever day of the week.  See how you respond and then go back and revisit these questions any time you are feeling down or unmotivated.  Eventually, you will start to find the silver linings, even in some of the worst situations, or on some of your hardest days. 

Some say that a healthy and positive mindset coincides with the Law of Attraction.  Meaning, if you are positive, positive things will come your way.  While I’m not vouching that if you think you are going to wake up tomorrow and be a millionaire, it will happen, I do believe that how you deal with your daily obstacles will lead to more open doors, which could potentially get you to that millionaire status! 

Changing your mindset isn’t something that happens overnight. It is something that you have to first decide to work on, commit to doing the work and taking the appropriate action steps. You might think that attending a seminar or a Tony Robbins event you will magically change your mindset and life.  It may be the first step, but what really brings about the transformation is your constant devotion towards your desired goals. 

As I teach in Unleash Your Power to build up confidence, I can see the definite link between confidence and mindset training as well.  Sometimes a boost in confidence is what paves the path to a healthier mindset.  You will start to feel more certain of yourself that you will succeed, or that you will overcome any pain lingering from your past, and moving forward from that is HUGE! 

Now, onto the meat and potatoes of this post, the 7 prompts I wanted to share with you to help grow your mindset every day. 

  1. One good thing that happened today, but I didn’t expect was . . .
  2. Today, I am most thankful for having ___________ in my life (this could be a person, a pet, a thing. . your choice). Do not make this general, be specific.
  3. Get your frustration out!  Name anything that you aren’t happy about right now.  For every ONE thing you are NOT happy about, I want you to list 2 things you are happy about.  Example: If you are mad that you woke up late today, or mad that you had a bad hair day, those are 2 things.  Now name 4 things you ARE happy about. 
  4. One of my best qualities is ________________ because _________________
  5. This week I helped someone else by . . .
  6. Name one thing/thought that you need to let go of:  Write it down and list 5 reasons to let it go, and 5 ways you are going to let it go.
  7. Write a positive quote/motivational note for yourself to read next week.  Write this quote/short note on your calendar as your affirmation for the week. 

These are just 7 prompts, but they are powerful and the more you do this, you will find that your thought process changes over time.  You may even decide to expand your prompts and come up with some of your own.  Now, break out that 2019 journal and start growing your mindset!

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