In order to assure that mediation is the right decision for the both of you, I set up a complimentary consultation session so you can get clarity on what options are right for your situation.
My goal is to make sure that both parties understand the structure of mediation and what they can expect to walk away with. My objective is to avoid couples having to go down a very painful and costly process by dragging each other through the court system. I have been there, it wasn’t pretty and it took a huge toll on my emotional wellbeing and drained my financially. Divorce does NOT have to end in a warzone.

Advantages of Divorce Mediation

You’re in control

  • All decisions are made by agreement, not by a judge or other outsider.
  • Mediation is a voluntary process, not mandated by a judge.
  • Mediation is private and confidential. The couple makes decisions on what is best for their family in the privacy of the mediator’s office
  • You are in charge of discussions & decisions – that’s empowering!

Better Results

  • Mediation aims for a settlement that you both can accept.
  • Mediation produces more satisfactory agreements: Research shows that people are more satisfied with mediated agreements.
  • Mediation is better for children.
  • You learn negotiation skills that you can use later when dealing with post-divorce issues.

Expert Guidance

  • Your mediator guides you sensitively & methodically through the process.
  • You always know what is going on.
  • Your opinions and feelings are heard and considered in mediation.
  • Private & Confidential – Only you, your spouse, and the mediator are in the sessions.

Save Time & Money

  • Mediation is cost effective and less expensive overall (No advance retainer fees or deposits)
  • You decide how often to meet, so the process can take as much time, or as little time, as you need.
  • Mediation is usually a much faster way to get a separation or divorce.

Less Stress

  • All sessions are conducted in an informal, safe and comfortable setting. No court sessions are required.
  • Mediation is future oriented – there is no harping on the past or blame.
  • Mediation promotes cooperation and discussion and discourages arguing.


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