“Ever feel like you’re living in a state of chaos where everyone and everything is pulling you in a million directions? You feel tired, exhausted and unfulfilled. You start to question your purpose. The personal battle I was experiencing was taking over my life, affecting my decisions, crushing my mood and my confidence was shot. During this moment in time, I became obsessed looking for answers to fix myself. But how do you know what to fix? I was on an incessant search without answers.

My husband and I divorced 3 years ago, which most can imagine or know is the hardest decision you will ever make, especially when you have a 2-year old daughter in the mix. And that’s just logistics, the emotional damage that’s been generating over the years come to the surface and the shock of change becomes unnerving.

The first time I spoke to Pearl, we both teared up 20 minutes into our conversation. We quickly made a connection, the dialogue was effortless, her questions were spot on and she encouraged me to look within. Pearl has a natural ability to connect with people; a great listener, support system, and inspirational guide that will challenge you to think about how you work through your journey. Her approach was customized, offering a handful of tools, exercises and resources in every single session. I was taking notes like it was my last conversation every week. In less than 3 months, my entire mindset shifted. I understood fundamental behaviors I kept latching onto based on rooted issues I hadn’t dealt with. I moved from a feeling of worry and overwhelm to loving myself, expressing gratitude, and letting go.

The art of being present and intentional is very real. Letting go of expectations others project is hard, but liberating. I can breathe again. The space Pearl helped me create is allowing me to prioritize my personal needs which is simply stated, focusing on what I ‘want’. She guided me through understanding where my fears and anxieties come from and actively helped me shift my energy toward acknowledging victories and honoring myself. Pearl is an inspiration to many, and definitely for me.

Sending you all my love…


Jennifer L.

Post Divorce Growth Seeking!