Maybe you’ve landed on my website because you’re struggling with anxiety, stress, or lingering
resentment, and it has become too much to bear. Or perhaps you are finding that your relationship
dynamics, either romantically or with family members, are becoming too triggering or too stressful to
manage on your own.

Maybe there is a part of you that just knows that there is more to life!

Perhaps your marriage has turned out to be very different from what you had hoped for and dreamed of. And you have that inner knowing that it could certainly be different.
As our past and present wounds shape the way in which we experience this world and relationships, it
makes sense that you are here and looking for some much-needed relief, guidance and insight.

I’m an experienced trauma informed relationship counselor & healer committed to working with people
who seek to heal and change their lives. No matter where you are in life, healing is always possible.
As a trained coach and therapist, I am pride myself in combining multiple healing modalities that include
mind, body and soul that provide true life changing results for my clients.
My healing approach was created through years of experience and trainings that have taught me that there is one thing I know with certainty. Healing is not only possible but indeed life changing!