Codependency is a common response to having gone through childhood or relational trauma. I help clients understand the roots of their codependent behaviors and identify actional steps towards ending the constant cycle of people pleasing, perfectionism and prioritizing others needs before theirs.  Clients develop the skills to finally be able to set healthy boundaries without guilt and unapologetically stepping into their own embodied power.


Emotional shut down is a common result of childhood and attachment trauma. Many people are disconnected from themselves because there was no one there to help them navigate their inner world. Their only option is survival mode which often gets in the way of connecting safely with others and others feeling safely connected to them.  Clients develop a rich inner self-awareness when they discover their bodies and emotions.  It opens the door for true inner connection and lasting healthy relationships.

“We are only as needy as our unmet needs”. John Bowlby.

Childhood and Relational Trauma

Childhood and Relational Trauma normally evoke feelings of abandonment, neglect, or rejection by someone we love, including our parents or romantic partners. Together we will work through your relational wounds in a loving supportive safe space to create expansion and a safe home within yourself. Clients develop the skills to respond from a place of safety and integrity, rather than reacting to their triggers. From this new integrated space clients develop skills for safer and healthier meaningful connections.  

Relationship Counseling

Humans are hard wired for love and connection. However, life here on earth can cause many attachment ruptures that prevent us from experiencing safe and healthy connections.  Hence, “marriage is the unfinished business of childhood”.  Together we will work on navigating trauma triggers, restore trust, foster a connection, and improve communication skills. Clients will walk away with a clear understanding of themselves and their partners creating a deep loving connection.