“I remember years ago hearing from friends how therapy was a great way of teaching you coping skills and how great being in therapy was for them. My reaction to that was very very skeptical. I remember thinking why would I want to share my personal thoughts with a complete stranger who’s opinion of life means absolutely nothing at all to me . Unfortunately tragedy struck out of nowhere, when my late husband passed away leaving me confused, broken.  My marriage hadn’t been a happy one, yet not having gotten the proper help and guidance I never realized how dysfunctional it really was and how unhappy I had become. I was left seeing a reflection of my former self not knowing who I am and what I wanted out of life anymore. After my husbands passing I had at one point realized that I was in desperate  need of guidance and help with getting a grip on my life. Searching and finding the right person however seemed impossible and a bit of a revolving door, in one office and out another. This went on for years before I gave up realizing that finding that right person was like trying on shoes, they would have to fit and feel right, but that just wasn’t happening. Now it’s years later, I have turned a new page, and embarked on a new journey. I knew I cannot do this on my own so when someone dear and close to my heart recommended I talk to Pearl Flax Life coach if not one of the most amazing coaches, The most amazing!

I knew my first visit was not going to be my last and for the first time felt like the revolving door might stop.  She’s loving, caring and very involved. She calls to make sure I am OK and puts time into all my needs and challenges. She brings light and clarity to so many issues and has me handle my new relationship with a completely new perspective. Above all my approach to many different issues are now handled differently and I owe it all to her. I highly recommend Pearl flax to anyone of any age seeking guidance, answers , peace and clarity. I can honesty say I am blessed having her work with me and beside me every step of the way!”

Debbie Z.



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