Four weeks to step into your power & learn if you should stay…or go.

Are you feeling trapped, anxious, or stressed in your marriage and unsure if you should or shouldn’t leave? 



Are thoughts like, “will I ever really be happy with him?” running through your mind?



Are you tired of feeling stuck and miserable?



Do you feel like you have no idea how to really handle the situation you are in?

(the fights, the distance, the disagreements, the unhappiness)



Are you starting to think that happiness isn’t attainable and that relationships are just too difficult… does love even exist?

You are in a really frustrating and difficult situation right now. I know that you are doing the best you can with what you’ve got.

I was exactly where you are right now. I felt alone, hopeless, sad and completely confused.

I wanted love, connection and happiness just like everyone else, but I felt like my situation was hopeless and I didn’t know what the right decision was for me and my daughter.

But then, I learned how to identify my emotions, get real clear with myself and traveled down the path that empowered me (instead of beating myself up and consistently doubting my decisions).

Luckily, what I did have was a drive and commitment to myself and my daughter that I would NEVER GIVE UP, and that I would find a way to create a happy world for us.


That clarity brought me direction and peace of mind. I was finally able to face the challenges with courage and a clear game plan. For me the right decision was to leave, and I have since rebuild and managed to mesh a beautiful blended family.

Are you ready to finally find truth within yourself?


To get clear and set yourself free of feeling stuck!


The answer might be that you should stay and learn skills and tools to turn your marriage into a happy one, or maybe the answer will be that you will never be able to make it work and that it will only end up be a slow death.

Are you ready to discover the truth, and finally get clear and empowered?


Four weeks to step into your power & learn if you should stay…or go.

Normally $750

Special Limited Price: Only $450

Until Friday, December 22nd at midnight, EST!

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I have designed this four week program to help you get clear and confident in whatever decision you might take. 

When you sign up for this powerful four week program, you will get a lot of guidance and support!

In my 1:1 calls you will get:

Clarity – make a clear decision if you should or shouldn’t go. But not only that, learn what is truly the best for all parties involved, learn how to listen to your body and your emotions and, of course, make that challenging decision.


Coping strategies –  to help you deal with your emotions as you will experience a range of powerful and challenging emotions that might knock the breath out of you or knock you off your feet at times!


Action steps – you need to take based on whether you stay or go. I’m here to support and guide you through the entire process.


Education – Learn about the process (whether you’re moving forward to marriage counseling or divorce counseling)


Rebuild your self-esteem and self-image – as this is a very challenging time and how you view yourself will completely change throughout the process.


Strategize – how to manage the changes and adjustments ahead.


Worksheets designed to help you implement the learning process as we’re going through it.



In this four week program you will learn to:

1) Get in touch with your best self

2) Build resilience

3) Identify your values

4) Freedom to take the next step to happiness (whatever that might be for you)

“I never imagined that being coached could be so helpful in such an immediate and practical way. Pearl is fully focused as the listens and has the ability to see the running theme to its absolute core, in the challenges I face day to day.

Pearl teaches me how to teach myself which is a skill I benefit from every waking hour.  If you are 100% committed to yourself and to Pearl’s coaching, you will see immediate success that will continue to build on itself. Pearl has changed the quality of my life for the better and I am forever grateful to her. Her work is seriously amazing, practical and powerful”

Sarah A. – Far Rockaway.

Post Divorce Client

I knew I was not strong enough to get through my divorce without some help, I looked online for a divorce counselor and found Pearl.  I got so lucky finding Pearl.  She has not only helped me through the divorce but more importantly, she has helped me figure out why I got myself into a bad marriage in the first place. She is an amazing, knowledgeable divorce counselor and also an incomparable life coach and therapist.

From the very first session, Pearl made me feel stronger and more in control of my situation.  She focused on moving me into a position of mental strength. She has a great instinct to help solve issues step by step. Pearl is probably the best listener I have ever encountered in my life. She helps me understand myself and to figure out how to heal myself and to then move to a better place.  Through Pearl’s work, I have become more clear, capable and empowered.

I tell everyone I know to call her!!  I don’t know how I would have gotten through this incredibly trying time without her.

Vivi. P – Long Island

Divorce Process

Are you ready to go from confusion to clarity and confidence?

Value: $750

Your Price: Only $450!

Until Friday, December 22nd at midnight, EST!

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Standing tall in your power trusting yourself and your inner guidance


Knowing without a doubt who you are and the type of partner you are meant to be      with


– Security in knowing that you’ve made the right decision for YOU and no longer          second guess yourself

These feelings can (and will) become real, because that is the exact type of person you will become after only four weeks!


  • A female, confused as to if she should stay in her marriage…or not,

  • Looking to have deeply powerful conversations with your head and your heart,

  • Willing to release your own blocks and stand powerfully behind your needs and desires,

  • Let go of your fear of of walking away and allow yourself to say yes to your heart,

  • So ready to finally listen to your intuition, and

  • Ready to let go of doubt and claim your worth as a powerful, feminine, and unstoppable woman…

Then I invite you to join me!


Are you ready to stand for your own empowerment, heal your relationship story, and commit to making a decision that gives you all the happiness in the world?


It is time for you to claim your worth and put an end to feeling limited in your ability to make choices. That means believing in yourself and recognizing your divine power.  You deserve to have everything your heart desires.


It’s time for Clarity and Confidence!

Join us now!

Until Friday, December 22nd at midnight, EST!

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