About Pearl

I grew up in Switzerland in a ski resort where my parents owned a hotel. Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of coming to New York, the city that never sleeps, the city with endless opportunities. I even bought myself a poster of the Twin Towers, dreaming that one day, I too, would live in this golden land.


That day arrived when I met my ex-husband with whom I thought I would build my dream life. Things did not turn out the way I planned, much less dreamed of. The marriage was doomed from day one.


I was blessed with a beautiful princess nine months after our wedding and realized at that point that I was stuck in an unhealthy, abusive marriage. I felt trapped, unable to think for myself; I had no energy or survival skills to get out of my situation and start anew.

I was a foreigner in this country, with little connections or friends, no job, no financial prospects and had no idea how I would survive on my own.


The only thing that kept me going was my little girl.


After six years of marriage, I finally summoned up the courage to get a divorce.


While, it was definitely for the best, I do not wish divorce upon anyone. But I can honestly say that I am a much stronger, healthier, savvier and happier person because of it. Although the journey was a very challenging and painful path to go through, it was through my divorce that I learned things about myself that helped mold me into the person I am today and, ultimately, led me into a beautiful and healthy relationship.



I pushed myself hard, went to college, became an astute businesswoman, and climbed the ladder in every company I worked for, and eventually started my own business.

Through it all, what kept me going was my daughter. I knew I needed to make sure she grew up in a warm, nurturing home with strong core values and I would allow nothing to stand in my way of achieving that.


The divorce system is not an easy one to navigate.


Going through it was a challenge I had yet to master. As a result, I was flooded with unexpected waves of emotion, confusion, feelings of helplessness and fear of the future. When I look back, I wish I had someone to help me navigate through that crazed maze of divorce turbulence, to help me care for me, so that I could be the best me I could be and to offer the tools I needed to remain mentally and emotionally strong and healthy, grounded and balanced so that I would come out of the experience empowered.

It was a struggle I faced mostly on my own, a battle that drained me financially and emotionally. Thankfully, with a lot of help from God, I mastered it. But, I know the extreme difficulties and challenges it entails.


My story, however, has a different ending. 

After all the pain came the gain and eventually I did meet the love of my life and embarked on a new and exciting journey. I learned a lot about myself over the years and was determined to nurture and invest everything I have in this new relationship. 


Having been through my turbulent marriage and difficult divorce, which ultimately evolved into a beautiful magical story, I now fully devote myself in empowering and supporting others by enlightening them with the knowledge and tools they need to successfully emerge from their situation at hand and create the lives they deserve. to successfully emerge from their situation at hand.

That is what prompted my decision to become a licensed relationship and divorce empowerment coach. I want to help other struggling couples save and heal their marriages and teach them the skills and tools they need to gain deeper insight in themselves and their partners so they can “Create their Happily Ever After’s” and have the love they want and deserve. 

For those couples who have exhausted all options of reconciling and reviving their marriage, I provide a path of peace to help them avoid the pain and anguish I experienced. I want to be the source of empowerment that helps couples make the right decision for themselves and their children so they can live more fulfilling lives and become emotionally healthier and stronger than they have ever been, and I am determined to do whatever it takes to achieve that.


Become a Hero!


Be a victim no more!


Empower & Educate Yourself!

Life is a journey.

Now the question is, which path will you take?




Let me help you “Take the High Road”!

Let me help you “Create Your Happily Ever After”!



Why I Became A Coach

I am Pearl Flax, a Relationship and Marriage Counselor-Coach. I have dedicated my life to helping
couples heal themselves, and their wounded marriages, so they can find true happiness and harmony in their lives and create lasting loving connections.
I became a certified Divorce and Relationship Coach because I believe it is one’s obligation to teach and pay forward the lessons learned during the course of our lives.

I have been trained on how to help you be successful in defining and getting what you most want to lay the foundations for your next chapter.

I have experienced many transitions and challenges throughout my life. I had many dreams that were shattered and had to be rebuilt or reinvented.

I went through a painful divorce, abuse, loss through death, health crises, financial devastation and more. But in spite of it all, I have rebuilt.

And now I live my life with only ONE PASSION AND DESIRE!  Show other couples how it is possible to heal, save and build beauitful marriages. 



“A good marriage isn’t something you find; it’s something you make, and you have to keep on making it”.


Life is a journey with many different paths to take. The choice of which path you take is yours!

Which one will you choose?


Throughout our partnership I will support you in becoming empowered and confident in your decision-making so you can approach your life with clarity, confidence and courage.  

I will be your thinking partner, supporter, sounding board. I will only have your best interest in mind and do whatever it takes to help you come out of this the “best self” you can be.


You will discover how incredibly strong and resilient you are, find new ways to fall in love with your partner and create the life you have always dreamed of!